Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Prescribe Herbs?

We will prescribe herbs when we feel it is necessary in order to improve your chance for success. You can take the prescription to a Chinese Herb Pharmacy much like the way you would bring a Western doctor's prescription to a traditional pharmacy. Or, we can order them for you.

If I am undergoing IVF, when should I start acupuncture?

It is best to start, no less then one month before embryo transfer. With two sessions per week, this will help prepare your body for pregnancy. If you have had other IVF's which have failed. It is best to come in as early as possible, before undergoing an other cycle. This could indicate some disorder with the body that needs to be addressed.

What if I am taking western medications?

Your doctor prescribed this medication for a reason. We believe that the right combination of medication and acupuncture can achieve results that either alone, cannot match. We will adjust our treatment to complement the western medication that you are currently taking. Only sterile, disposable needles are used so there is no risk of infection. We use a needle once, then dispose of it.

How often and for long should I have treatments for fertility/ infertility?

There is no fix answer. Length, frequency and effectiveness of acupuncture for fertility/ infertility depends on many factors. Such as a persons specific disorder, lifestyle and overall health.

After I become pregnant, can acupuncture help?

Acupuncture can help decrease the chances for a miscarriage by maintaining a healthier you. In much the same way it helped you to conceive.

Can acupuncture help my fertility/ infertility if it is due to thin uterine lining?

Acupuncture prepare the uterus for pregnancy by increasing the blood flow and nutrients to the uterus and balancing the hormone levels. These treatments benefit not only those who suffer from a thin uterine lining, but every woman who is trying to conceive.

Can acupuncture help if my fertility/ infertility if it is due to a blocked fallopian tube?

It depends on the cause of the blockage. If the blockage is due to scarring from chronic inflammation or infection. There may be a chance that acupuncture may not work. If there is no physical cause for the blockage of the tube, and the decreased tube diameter is due to stress or cramping, then acupuncture will have a better chance to be effective.

I have poor egg quality, can acupuncture help?

In most cases of poor egg quality, it is due to poor blood circulation. If that is the case, we will focus our treatment on increasing blood flow and nutrients to the uterus and ovaries. There has been many studies that show the acupuncture can significantly increase the blood flow to the uterus and ovaries and thus improving the egg quality.

Can acupuncture help my fertility/ infertility if I have ovarian cysts or PCOS?

Most ovarian cysts are benign and do not cause any symptoms. There are times when they do become enlarged and multiply, and cause the condition called PCOS. When this happens it can interrupt the normal function of the ovaries. Our treatment will focus on balancing and regulating the hormones related to PCOS by increasing blood flow and nutrients to the uterus and ovaries.

I am over 40 years, can acupuncture help fertility/ infertility at my age?

I am over 40 years, can acupuncture help fertility/ infertility at my age? A: Many of the effects of aging can be helped with acupuncture. By increasing the blood flow to a woman's reproductive organs and making them healthier. It will increase her chance to conceive.

How effective are the treatments?

The effectiveness of Acupuncture is not clearly understood. Acupuncture helps increase blood circulation to the reproductive organs, reduces stress which can inhibit fertility/ infertility, can increase the thickness of the uterine lining, improve sperm count, improve the quality of eggs produced and can improve the effectiveness of fertility/ infertility medications.

Are there risks associated with Acupuncture?

The risks associated with acupuncture for fertility/ infertility are minimal. Still, it is very important that women receive treatment from a practitioner who is well trained and highly experienced in fertility/ infertility care with acupuncture.

Is Pasadena, CA. your only location?

Yes, our Pasadena, CA office serves the Los Angeles, CA. area.

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