About Massage Therapy

Years of research show that massage therapy is no longer just for relaxation. The medical benefits of massage therapy can have a positive lasting impact on your health and lifestyle. Massage Therapy can get rid of your body's everyday stresses, reduce muscle pain, help alleviate the discomfort of some ailments, or restore balance to your mind and body. Massage Therapy can give a rejuvenated feeling while helping to maintain a life of wellness and good health.

At our Pasadena, CA. office which serve the Los Angeles, CA. area we offer the following types of Massage Therapy.

Holistic Massage: The aim of Holistic Massage is to account for the whole person and not just the physical symptoms or problem that maybe experience. And extensive history will be obtain before the massage is done. A variety of technics will be used on the whole body. With a focus on specific areas where needed.

Pre/ Post Pregnancy Massage: A healthy way to reduce stress and promote general well being. For some women stress may be one of the biggest reason why they have difficulty becoming pregnant so massage can be very beneficial to them. During pregnancy the normal discomforts experienced such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, joint pain and edema can be relief. In addition , by relaxing nervous tension, a better nights sleep can be experience. Massage during pregnancy can stimulate your lymphatic system, increasing immunity and the removal of excess toxins, while balancing the hormonal levels and glandular system. Hormonal changes can cause depression and anxiety during pregnancy and this can be helped with massage. We use special padding to make you as comfortable as possible.

Sports Massage: Is geared for athletics of all levels from professional to week end warriors. A combination of massage techniques are used, to facilitate stretching, reduce tightness, enhance circulation and better flexibility. All design to enhance performance. Sport Massage can help prevent injure, over exertion and muscle spasm, by keeping the muscles relaxed and ready for action.

Reflexology: A branch of massage that focus on the feet and hands. Applying pressure on reflex areas that correspond to specific organs and other parts of the body. Reducing stress and returning the body to a balance state.

Cranial ( Head ) Massage: Is thought to eliminate the negative effects of stress. Cranial Massage can provide relief from headaches, neck and back pain, temporal mandibular joint disorders and many more.

Facial Massage: Stress is often reflected on your face. As stress increases, the facial muscles, head, neck and shoulders tighten and can cause discomfort. Facial Massage will relax the facial muscles, balancing the energy needed to keep the facial muscles relax and not pull unevenly. Giving you a more rejuvenating look.

Thai Massage: Is different from Swedish massage in that typically, no oils or lotion is applied to the skin. The emphasis with Thai Massage is on active and passive stretching, alignment and massage to loosening the muscles and joints with additional focus on acupressure points. It is usually done on a mat on the floor.

Shiatsu Massage: A Japanese style to correct the imbalance with in the body by using finger and palm pressure. To relief tension, pain, stress and circulation issues. This is one of the most unique forms of healing, because it not only deals with the outer body but it can also change the continuum of energy of our organs helping us live a healthier life.

Tui Na Massage: Chinese style similar to Shiatsu and resembling conventional western massage. But, is more specifically therapeutic with an emphasis on restoring balance and energy.