IVF with Acupuncture

Although researchers are not certain why Acupuncture and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) are such a powerful combination, they speculate that the IVF success rate may have to do with the ability of Acupuncture to lower stress levels in women undergoing IVF treatment. It is a fact that Acupuncture can reduce both stress and anxiety levels. Stress has been found to have a negative effect on fertility rates. So, it seems obvious that Acupuncture, will increase pregnancy rates. Due to lowering of stress. Another theory about why Acupuncture and IVF success rate is higher has to do with hormones. Some believe that Acupuncture may help with the production and release of hormones beneficial to fertility.

Acupuncture treatment is relatively inexpensive when compared to IVF and offers additional benefits which will enhance the success rate for IVF. Such as alleviating the side effects of hormonal stimulation and improving the patients overall well being. Acupuncture has also shown to improve blood flow to the ovaries and uterus. Resulting in better healthier follicles and a more receptive endometrium. It also reduced uterine contraction, to enhance the chance of implantation. While reducing stress, in what is inherently a stressful process.

Acupuncture IVF Protocol

The best time to start Acupuncture is three months prior to an IVF. During this three month we nourish the whole body to achieve optimal health to balance the hormones and increase our chances for a successful IVF. The stimulating drugs given in IVF are very good at getting the body to produce multiple eggs, as opposed to one in an average menstrual cycle. But, it does nothing to support the health of these eggs. With Acupuncture prior to IVF, you can optimize your reproductive health before this enormous stress is incurred.

Though three months of preparatory weekly treatments are ideal. Acupuncture will help your chances of success at any point during or prior to an IVF cycle. Do not hesitaite to call us, even if you have already begun your IVF treatments. Each treatment plan is design based on a thorough history, exam, and diagnosis. There are many different patterns of imbalance related to infertility. This is where Chinese and Oriental Medicine excels. We will investigate all aspects of your health, history, diet and life style which may be affecting your ability to conceive.

Our acupuncture clinic, located in Pasadena, serves the greater Los Angeles area, specializing in fertility/infertility and pain management.